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Rolloplast, a family business and one of the first PVC extrusion companies in Greece, has today become one of the leading companies in the window frames industry and one of the most successful presences in Greece, thanks to the reliability that accompanies its reputation and name.


Watch our progress from 1968 to today


The Rolloplast company is founded, based in Giannitsa, in privately owned facilities, and production begins with one PVC extrusion machine. Thus, Rolloplast becomes the first company producing PVC household blinds in Greece and supplies all manufacturers of wooden frames.


The increased demand in household rolls, cladding, suspended ceilings and building materials, is driving the market for a second PVC extrusion machine.


The new era leads to the manufacture of aluminum systems. Innovative systems, patented by the Industrial Property Organization, are the tip of the spear.


The new “C14” box for the aluminum roller shutters is introduced. It combines a large depth for more useful space, without requiring a taller box.


The production of plastic components for Rolloplast products begins with the purchase of two PVC injection machines. At the same time, a production company for third parties is established.


Introducing the new “V” range of aluminum roll boxes, which incorporate a special lip for snapping the joint cover with a hidden closure.


Rolloplast’s proprietary machine shop, equipped with a pantograph and a lathe, goes into operation, where all molds are manufactured and maintained in-house.


Long before the market starts talking about energy saving, Rolloplast is the world’s first to present the new range of “V+” thermal break boxes for aluminum rolling shutters.


The first official website of Rolloplast is published on the internet www.rolloplast.gr and thus the company enters the future and a new virtual world.


The manufacture of uPVC windows begins. New investment in machinery and the cooperation with the REHAU raises the level of quality.


The manufacture of aluminum windows begins. Production is modernized with new CNC machinery that improve productivity and quality.


The new generation is coming as Apostolos Agiannidis, the man behind Rolloplast, hands the company over to his sons.


New modern showroom opens to the public, after the construction of the 2nd floor. The new space houses all the products, and highlights the Rolloplast philosophy.


Rolloplast mourns the loss of the man who brought the company to the top of the industry. Apostolos Agiannidis died suddenly at his home at the age of 61 leaving his loved ones in mourning.

Έτος ίδρυσης: 1968

Earth first!

We recognize our responsibility towards society and nature, and with values such as responsibility, social conscience, sensitivity and business ethics, we respect the human being, human dignity and the provision of equal opportunities, respect for the environment we have inherited and the improvement of the standard of living and the quality of life.



First of all, our environment!

We recognize our responsibility towards society and nature, and with values such as responsibility, social conscience, sensitivity, conscience and business ethics, we respect people, human dignity and the provision of equal opportunities, respect for the environment we inherited and improving living standards and quality of life.

Local community

We know that all businesses are entities that are inextricably linked to the society in which they operate, affecting their areas of action and being influenced by the data of the time. This is how we ensure stability, prosperity, crime reduction, clean environment, etc., supporting sports and youth with sponsorships to local teams and generally contributing by providing jobs, salaries, volunteering, charities and donations.

Health and safety

Always taking care of safety within the company, we have equipped all the production positions and the workers in them with all the necessary protective measures (e.g. special shoes, anti-fall belts, masks, earplugs, etc.). Warning signage is present in each hazardous operating position, for each fire extinguisher-fire nest as well as for emergency and escape exits. Finally, all the company’s staff attend two-hour training seminars every month on safe work, sometimes with the assistance of the local fire department and the local hospital.

Natural resources

Reducing resource consumption and waste can significantly reduce environmental impact. This is how we adhere to and faithfully apply the 3-R’s (Reuse – Recycle – Reduce).

  • we recycle paper, plastic, aluminium, iron, glass and batteries,
  • we reuse papers that have been printed on only one side,
  • we reduce paper use by using email and electronic storage media,
  • we use recycled papers, recycled PVC profiles or aluminum to a certain extent,
  • we significantly reduce the volume of documents and stationery to be discarded by shredding them into confetti which we reuse in packaging for the safe transport of sensitive components.

Partner's Network

Buying and installing some products is not an easy task and the distance makes it even harder. So in order to get closer to the end consumer, we proudly cooperate with reliable people in many regions of Greece. Our official partners enjoy many advantages and benefit from our various support services that help them ensure their continued success and enable them to stand out in their area and grow. We are always looking to expand our network, with exclusive region options available, bringing in people who care about quality and want to work with an experienced manufacturer.

Quality and safety

All our constructions have, in accordance with the provisions of Directive 89/106/EEC on construction products as amended by Directive 93/68/EEC, a CE European Certification in accordance with the standards:

  • EN 14351-1+A1:2010 : Windows and exterior door systems
  • EN 13659+A1:2009 : Shutters, blinds, screens, garage doors
  • EN 13830:2004 : Facades.

A special F.P.C. (Factory Production Control) management software is applied throughout Rolloplast’s operation, according to the standards of ISO, so that there is continuous Control of the Production Process and the general operation of the production, and to maintain the fidelity to the Original Types of Control.

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Our team

AI 2020 2

My father always told me:

«If what you make you wouldn’t be jealous to put in your own home, don’t sell it»

Ioannis Agiannidis

Owner | CEO

AK 2019 1 Tiny

«Don’t worry»

Kiriakos Agiannidis

Owner | Sales Manager

DA 2020 1 Tiny

«If you don’t try, you’ll never know what you can achieve»

Anastasia Delioniati

Customer Care

TN 2021 3 Tiny

«You have to believe in and love what you do to do it well and with passion»

Nikoletta Tsolakoglou

Accounting Office


We believe that in order for a company to be flexible and a pioneer, it must produce with methods and procedures of high standards, with respect for the environment and with continuous optimization of services that ensure a strong commitment with its customers. In our most modern manufacturing facility, we emphasize the assurance of the quality characteristics of our products and the protection of consumers. That’s why, apart from the fact that imagination and passion are the main elements of our success, we know that our quality must also always be at the forefront!