Our aim is the most economical and fastest possible execution, shipping and delivery of your order. For this reason, we have chosen and recommend alternative shipping methods so that you can choose the one that serves you best.


The COMPANY provides the customer with the possibility to pick up the products and services sold through the online store, when they are available, from the physical store that the COMPANY maintains at its headquarters in Giannitsa. The customer is informed by phone that his order has been prepared and he can come to the Store to pick it up.

For the assignment of the transport to a third carrier, the Customer is informed when submitting his order, while an immediate written consultation will follow (by electronic mail) which can also be confirmed by telephone if deemed necessary, without any additional charge from the COMPANY for the shipment of the item, except of the charges imposed by the selected carrier. The choice of transport agency is entirely at the Customer’s discretion.

Courier is the fastest means of shipping your order, as delivery is completed the next day from the date of shipment. Exceptionally, in cases of sending products to remote or hard-to-reach areas (accidental or island areas), delivery can take place after this period has passed. The choice of courier company is at the sole discretion of the COMPANY. If you want a courier of your choice, you can select “Pick up from the store” and contact the courier of your choice to come pick up the order for you, as soon as you are informed that it is complete.


Collections and shipments are carried out during the COMPANY’s opening hours: 9:00-17:00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The COMPANY is entitled to reject and not accept orders for products and/or service contracts in which:

  • The customer designates as the place of delivery of products an area outside the coverage areas of the selected Shipping method.
  • The customer designates an area outside the coverage area of the Service Provision Network as the place of service performance.
  • The entire order constitutes a large in weight and/or in volume parcel/parcels for the selected Shipping method.

Instead, it is obliged to accept such an order if the customer accepts an alternative shipping method that the parties will mutually agree to in writing.

The receipt is made only by the person referred to in the order as the recipient upon presentation of his police identity card or passport or in general a public document suitable for proof of identity.

The Customer must receive his order within a reasonable period of time, which cannot exceed 5 working days from the date of notification. The deadline can only be extended for reasons of force majeure, as long as these are notified in time on behalf of the customer and any costs that may be incurred for the storage and safekeeping of his order are accepted in writing. In any other case where the customer does not come to pick up his order within the above-mentioned times, then the order is automatically cancelled, subject to the severance clause of the above-mentioned deadline on the part of the customer to fulfill his obligations. In the case of cancellation, the COMPANY bears no responsibility for this reason.

Shipping of heavy and large parcels, wherever the delivery takes place, even in an area within the COMPANY’s service radius, is carried out on the ground floor of the address stated in the order. If the customer wishes to transfer the item to a floor above the ground floor then he must inform the COMPANY in advance and accept in writing the corresponding costs that will be incurred.

Orders that include more than one product (even products marked “Coming soon” or “On order”) are shipped after all products have been collected in the company’s central warehouses and the order has been completed. Partial shipping of individual products of an order can be done, as long as this is requested by the customer and there is a written acceptance of any costs that may exist.

It is expressly clarified that in any case of transport and delivery of orders by a third party carrier and not by the COMPANY’s own means of transport, the responsibility rests exclusively with the third party carrier and passes to the authorized buyer. After the delivery of the order to the third party carrier, no responsibility rests with the COMPANY.


The COMPANY reserves the right to modify Shipping methods, terms and prices at will and without prior warning, obliged to inform its prospective customers of these changes by revising the present terms of use of the online store.