Warranty G-U

The G-U company guarantees for all its components, with the exception of electrical devices and accessories and subject to the correct observance of the conditions for the Warranty, that during the period of the warranty no breaks or cracks will occur. The warranty period is 5 years for the EURO-JET mechanism and 10 years for the UNI-JET mechanism.

In the event of damage (breakage/cracking of material) we replace the defective spare part free of charge. In the event that there will be no identical spare parts to replace, then we will replace the spare parts with identical parts of the same type.

Terms and conditions

  • All parts of the mechanism have been installed by a competent person and in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • All size and weight restrictions must be met within the manufacturer’s limits.
  • The mechanism was always used correctly and in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • The mechanism received the necessary care according to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • Maintenance work was carried out regularly at least once every year and according to the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
  • The surface of the mechanism is guaranteed only when it has not been affected by the profile of the frame, by paints or by various other substances from the external environment.
  • Warranty related defects must be notified to us in writing within the warranty period and no later than 6 months from the appearance of the defect.
  • Claims stemming from the guarantee are time-barred after 6 months from the presentation of the damage.


The mechanisms must be protected during any work (e.g. plastering, painting, etc.) and protected from any building impurities (e.g. paint splashes, plasters, cement, etc.). Also, like any building material, it wears out with use. The ease of use of the mechanism as well as the lifespan of the frame depends mainly on its maintenance. The following tasks for proper maintenance should be performed regularly at least once a year:

  • All moving parts and all locking points of the mechanism should be lubricated and their operation checked.
  • Safety-related parts of the mechanism should be examined for stability and wear.
  • All screws should be checked for tightness and tightened where necessary.
  • Problem parts must be replaced immediately.


Taking care of the mechanism also includes its proper cleaning. The mechanism can only be cleaned with a mild, pH-neutral cleaning product in diluted form. Under no circumstances may strong detergents or abrasive cleaning products be used.

In general, a product used as a cleaning material can be:


(when its pH is 0-6)

They dissolve salts, so they are suitable for sanitary areas, bathrooms, swimming pools, public baths, etc.


(when its pH is around 7)

They are more for maintenance and milder stains, but have the advantage of not altering colors and not affecting the materials they come into contact with (eg metals, polymers, etc.) at all.


(when its pH is 8-14)

They dissolve fats and oils, which is why they are usually found in kitchen areas. They are indicated for initial cleaning, industrial stains, smoke and difficult dirt in general.

* when we say pH we mean how much hydrogen ion concentration is present in the product.


This guarantee does not limit our general guarantee that we have undertaken with our own General Terms and Conditions for the period of the current deadline provided by the Law regarding the provisions on the guarantee. Also, this warranty does not extend the deadline provided by the Law regarding the warranty provisions. Only such claims (excluding claims for compensation and claims for costs of installation, assembly, etc.) may arise from this additional warranty, which are within the scope of the warranty given.