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The facade of each building can consist of either large glass surfaces or architectural overlays or a combination of both in order to manage durability, long-term functionality, sunlight and light distribution, insulation in terms of water, air and sound, as well as maintaining energy efficiency in modern architecture. Whichever building you wish to facade or renovate, our architectural team can work with you to create a uniquely designed and highly architectural facade that matches your wishes and overall style. of the building. The result every time is an innovative, practical, functional, stylish and unique building.


Give shape to your imagination

Facades, ceilings, partitions, fences, special constructions, everything is left to your imagination. These systems introduce a new style to any space by hiding areas we don’t want to be seen and offering insulation, shading and ventilation at the desired levels.


Prosopseis Kelyfos Vario Tiny


Ventilated Facade

Prosopseis Kelyfos XPand Tiny


Architectural Grids

Constructions of high architectural interest

Glass curtains are mainly used in commercial buildings covering large surfaces. Their frame consists of columns and crossbars, inside or on which glass-mirrors or composite panels are usually attached.


The exterior can be either with aluminum covers (Standard) in a variety of designs and sizes, or without obvious profiles (Structural) as if it were a one-piece glass facade without partitions.

Prosopseis Facade CW35 Tiny

SkyLine CW35

Prosopseis Facade EW50 Tiny

EW50 / EF50

Prosopseis Facade Polytec Tiny

Polytec 50S



Decorate your entrance

Entrance canopies are the ideal solution for protecting the main entrances of homes and businesses from rain and solar radiation. They are made of pure electrostatically painted aluminium, in traditional and modern designs. Available off-the-shelf with solid Lexan® polycarbonate sheets. They are easily supported, without interfering with the architecture of the building and are available in four beautiful designs, which offer an excellent aesthetic and functional result.


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