A garden can change our life

The garden does not merely embody the co-dependence between man and nature, but a relationship with the “deep ground” of the world and ourselves. From the smallest backyard to the largest estate, gardens help people feel better. They can grow healthy fresh food, breathe fresh air and absorb some vitamin D. For this reason we should feel safe and calm in our garden. A safe garden, however, should never feel like a prison. Careful planning and landscaping can help you feel safer, calmer and more relaxed in your garden. No matter where you are, how you earn a living, who your friends are or what you do in your spare time, a beautiful yet safe garden is sure to improve your life.


First impression counts

Decorate your yard through an impressive variety of colors, many design variations and different levels of privacy, allowing freedom for creativity! All series of rims are made of high-quality aluminum and highly durable components, for maximum resistance over time even in the most demanding conditions (e.g. coastal areas). They require almost no maintenance and will not rust or rot like iron or wood equivalents.


The front doors, whether opening or sliding, single-leaf or double-leaf, offer constructions of large dimensions, and with the possibility of choosing personalized solutions, they cover all technical and aesthetic needs. They are available fully automated or manual and offer the benefit of longer life as a lighter gate reduces wear and tear on all components without compromising safety.

Kipos Gates Classic Tiny


Kipos Gates Cubic Tiny


Kipos Gates Discrete Tiny


Kipos Gates Blind V Tiny

Blind V

Kipos Gates Blind H Tiny

Blind H

Kipos Gates Fin Tiny


Kipos Gates Linear Tiny


Kipos Gates XPand Tiny


Kipos Gates Wave Tiny


Kipos Gates Perforated Tiny


Kipos Gates Play Tiny


It gives nobility to the building

Pergolas designed in a line identical to that of the classic wood pergola. The undoubted quality of the aluminum pergola guarantees great resistance to harsh weather conditions, while at the same time imparting a sense of tradition. It adapts to any space, since assembly is easily done on site and does not require special maintenance. The painting of the aluminum profiles is done electrostatically with a special Seaside Class treatment to protect against staining.


Kipos Pergkola Classic Tiny


Kipos Pergkola Modern Tiny




Decorate your entrance

Entrance canopies are the ideal solution for protecting the main entrances of homes and businesses from rain and solar radiation. They are made of pure electrostatically painted aluminium, in traditional and modern designs. Available off-the-shelf with solid Lexan® polycarbonate sheets. They are easily supported, without interfering with the architecture of the building and are available in four beautiful designs, which offer an excellent aesthetic and functional result.


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