Appearance and safety

But as much as aesthetics matter, it’s not just appearance. Each of our railings is a state-of-the-art solution that combines high safety standards with high durability without much maintenance. With over 35 years of expertise, durability, quality and style are guaranteed. Constructed from durable aluminium, with high quality reinforced bases and a final finish of either 20μm minimum thickness anodising or electrostatic painting to Qualicoat Seaside Class specifications, they are designed for premium installation.


Classic beauty

Classic railings are a state-of-the-art solution that combines high safety standards. The structure of the classic system for railings is based on specially designed aluminum profiles, which do not require welding.


Kagkela Classic CLS Tiny


Kagkela Classic AlFlex Tiny


Kagkela Classic Psatha Tiny


An airy, highly aesthetic railing

This system is based on a simple design and construction concept: a tubular system of aluminum profiles in Inox anodization as standard or painted in any other color on request. Aluminum profiles can be easily combined with glass, polycarbonate or acrylic, offering unlimited possibilities for design applications.


Kagkela F50 Horizontal Tiny


Kagkela F50 Vertical Tiny


Kagkela F50 Glass Tiny




For high architectural requirements

The innovative glass support system with aluminum profile for the construction of a glass railing offers an impressive aesthetic and functional result, without restricting the view. It is maintenance-free, easy to clean and manufactured to strict safety standards up to 3 KN/m.


Kagkela Crystal Top Tiny

On Floor

Kagkela Crystal In Tiny

In Floor

Kagkela Crystal Front Tiny


A whole new experience

The FUSION series harmoniously and imaginatively combines glass and aluminum in countless combinations. It remains indispensable, affordably luxurious and highly beautiful while at the same time dramatically improving the most important aspects of the railing experience. It consists of advanced and robust profiles for extra strength, a unique design for an impressive appearance and the best performance we have ever seen in a railing system.


Kagkela Fusion Orbit Tiny


Kagkela Fusion Elxis Tiny


Kagkela Fusion Synthesis Tiny




Glass Windshield System

Combining innovative technologies with special design lines, the Open Air series is an excellent choice for use in public outdoor spaces, in order to either divide areas or delimit spaces and offers the ultimate answer to professional outdoor spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. Strong enough, it contributes to increased safety and protection, even in the case of the most extreme wind loads up to 120 Km/h.


Kagkela OpenAir Wall Tiny


Kagkela OpenAir Fixed Tiny


Kagkela OpenAir Motion Tiny


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