Protection against the sun’s “teeth”.

One of the most important challenges facing modern buildings is the right balance between letting sunlight in and avoiding overheating the entire building. In addition, in recent years the tendency is for shading systems to become a key element of the interior decoration or the architecture outside the building, with impressive results depending on the feeling you want to give to your residence or business space. The indoor systems are easily installed in every home, office or shop window, while the outdoor systems can cover large areas even at the level of several floors. In any case, they all offer the desired level of obscuration according to our desire.


Horizontal metal blinds

Our venetian blinds are made of reinforced metal profiles. The blinds are 25mm wide and 0.21mm thick aluminum (the best quality you can find on the Greek market) and are impregnated with magnesium for greater elasticity so they don’t break easily. The ropes are polyester with a braided thread and have an internal fluff filling for greater resistance to use and the high temperatures of the sun.


All metal parts are painted with electrostatic polyester paint for high durability and there is absolute color matching between them, with the unique exceptions of very dark green and very dark blue. The ropes are also in color harmony with them.


Vertical fabric or PVC blinds

The vertical blinds consist of an aluminum guide just 4.5cm high and the corresponding vertical sheets. The rotation mechanism is satellite and the mobile carriages are telescopic so that the blinds return to the same position and their uniform rotation and distribution to the right and/or left is achieved without difficulty. In large openings there is the possibility of the curtain where at the same time and with one movement half of the blinds gather to the left and the other half to the right. The weights of the fabric blinds are heavy-duty metal with a plastic outer coating.


There are many different qualities of high quality and durable blinds and all fabric qualities are laminated. The blinds are not affected or distorted by the temperature of the interior or the sun, and their color is not altered by solar radiation. Each blind is unhooked individually and very easily and under certain conditions they can also be washed in a washing machine.





The roller blind consists of a cylindrical aluminum shaft running through it with 6 ribs for greater strength on which the fabric of our choice is wrapped, which expands and gathers evenly as the roller opens and closes. Depending on the type of fabric we choose, it gives us the possibility of partial shading or complete blackout, it is very easy to handle and can be used in any space due to its great adaptability to any style.


In addition to a shading medium, a roller blind with a suitable, non-permeable fabric can be converted into a projection screen for Home Cinema, etc.


Exterior Shaders


The external aluminum blinds are ideal for buildings with glass curtains and have the possibility to be placed horizontally or vertically and fixed or mobile. They offer the optimal solution for sun protection and controlled natural lighting inside the building while significantly improving its energy efficiency.


Skiasi Exoterikes Persides E66 Tiny




Decorate your entrance

Entrance canopies are the ideal solution for protecting the main entrances of homes and businesses from rain and solar radiation. They are made of pure electrostatically painted aluminium, in traditional and modern designs. Available off-the-shelf with solid Lexan® polycarbonate sheets. They are easily supported, without interfering with the architecture of the building and are available in four beautiful designs, which offer an excellent aesthetic and functional result.


Visit our online store to see all the models and designs with their prices and order the one that best suits your own entryway.


Do you want to order any of the above shading systems cut exactly to the dimensions of your openings and receive them within a few days at your door? Visit our online store and order exactly what you want. We will take care of the rest.


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