Antimicrob Shield

What is Antimicrobial property?

The new age unfortunately forces us to be especially wary of our micro-environment. Germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses are all around us and on us. Unfortunately, the constant mutations of these have made them highly resistant to drugs and vaccines.

It is the ability of a material to eliminate or inactivate germs, bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses.


What does it offer?

It turns a tactile product into a friendly and hygienic one for the end user.


What is the antimicrobial protection that CONVEX offers as an option in all its products?

The paints with antibacterial properties used by CONVEX contain special technology additives that allow the incorporation of silver ions. The antibacterial properties of silver ions are known, and their presence on metal or other surfaces has been shown to dramatically slow down the growth of bacterial or viral populations. The use of such paint technology allows effective antibacterial protection of the surface throughout the life of the product.

Healthy Protection and Antimicrobial Effectiveness


A large number of infectious diseases are spread through contact surfaces. Antimicrobial touch products are ideal for facilities with high hygiene standards, such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, churches, museums, cinemas, entertainment centers, restaurants and of course residences, to keep the environment safe and the contact surfaces easy to clean. Antimicrobial paints can be applied to door and window handles, general-purpose handles, armrests, railings, faucets, furniture, which act as carriers of germs.

How does antibacterial protection work?


Without antimicrobial protection
1: touching a handle
2: germs are carried and remain on the surface
3: germs multiply exponentially


With antimicrobial protection
1: touching a handle
2: a small amount of microbes are carried to the surface
3: in a short period of time the germs DISAPPEAR


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