When you choose REHAU, you choose over 70 years of experience and satisfied customers worldwide since 1948. Passion for innovation, reliability and quality standards “Made in Germany” have established REHAU as a leading company in the world. As a modern family business with a presence in more than 68 countries, a turnover of more than 3.4 billion euros, 120 branches, 44 factories, 15 training centers and more than 21,500 employees in over 190 locations, it is unique in polymer synthetic materials.


REHAU’s history begins in 1907 with the “Frankische Lederfabrik REHAU Plastiks GMBH”. In its current form it was founded in 1948 in the Bavarian town of Rehau by Helmut Wagner with only 3 employees and 1 extrusion machine, but with a visionary spirit and entrepreneurial courage in the difficult post-war period. It quickly developed into an international leader in the provision of polymer-based solutions and with the aim of promoting innovations that offer unique customer benefits. Today the management of the group is in the hands of the brothers Dr. Veit Wagner and Jobst Wagner and for better management and development of each different product use, it is divided into individual sections.


Energy, water and telecommunications – the world demands unlimited capacity with constant, high-quality availability. REHAU Building Technology (BT) systems are used worldwide in homes, shops and building infrastructure to ensure a reliable and efficient supply: from healthy drinking water to heating/cooling systems and to the provision of high-speed broadband services or resilient stormwater systems and drainage. With durable materials, REHAU BT offers solutions that make everyday life safer, healthier and more comfortable. Solutions so reliable that they come with a guarantee of up to 10 years with a certificate of application and with compensation of up to €1,000,000 (!).

See the warranties per piping system:


The REHAU Window Solutions (WS) division, since 1958 which extruded the first PVC window profile, reinvents and reinvents windows and doors every day to improve human life.


The circular economy is based on a unique recycling approach. EcoPuls represents an unrivaled concept of sustainability in the window industry. As a pioneer of sustainable applications since 1988, REHAU is the leading specialist in holistic solutions. Product → Collection → Recycle → Extrude → Product. New ones are made from the old frames. REHAU WS controls the entire process and ensures a closed loop from a single source. In numbers: 29% reduction in emissions, 97,000 tons less CO2, 90% recycling rate, 65% packaging materials from sustainable materials, 17% electricity savings, 20% use of electricity from renewable sources, 31% saving of water resources.


REHAU profiles have a special HDF (High Definition Finishing) surface. By using nano-technology at the molecular level, they produce a perfectly smooth and shiny surface, so that it does not retain dirt and dust. Also special protection filters incorporating silver ions prevent the attachment of germs and destroy more than 99% of germs in just a few hours. We make sure that tiring, time-consuming and expensive window cleaning is a thing of the past. From today clean your windows with absolute safety without effort with just water. Thus, you quickly get out of the mess of cleaning and have more free time at your disposal.


From kitchens and bathrooms to offices and retail stores, REHAU Furniture Solutions (FS) is passionate about helping users realize their individual interior design dreams. Building on REHAU’s strength as a leading supplier of edging strips, surfaces, roll tops, joint covers, frames, plinths and more, solutions are developed with the clear aim of the perfect combination of quality and style. REHAU FS’s focus is always on making its customers’ design ideas a reality.


Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. New mobility concepts are in ever-increasing demand. The future belongs to alternative driving solutions and automotive intelligence. As a development partner of the automotive industry, REHAU supports this change. In addition to producing various components, such as bumpers, handles, guards and more, for almost all international car manufacturers, REHAU experts develop trend-setting product solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly motoring, offering tangible benefits. Lightweight, energy-efficient and capable of integrating various functions, our products push important trends such as autonomous driving to the forefront.


A hardware does not create a product solution and a product by itself is not value added. REHAU experts are at the customer’s side from initial consultation, prototyping to series development or support in the certification process. The spectrum of sectors extends from traditional industry to the commercial refrigeration industry, the railway industry, aerospace technology and also the end customer. We share our proven expertise in the materials, assembly and processing of technical hoses, profiles, and waterproofing systems with our customers. Our attention is always on the individual requirements of our customers. There is always a solution, from REHAU.


Day after day, specialized experts work on new ideas and solutions for the perfect customer experience. Strengthened by REHAU’s successful roots, REHAU Ventures contributes significantly to the company’s profitable growth with the advantages of a start-up mentality. Thanks to flexible structures, innovative ideas and flexible solutions, REHAU Ventures improves the lives of customers, who are always at the center.


RAUMEDIC since 2004 combines decades of experience in the processing of medical grade polymers and silicones with the efficiency and dynamics of a modern company. As a direct development partner of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, it transforms scientists’ ideas into personalized products. The tubes, fittings and assemblies we manufacture in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom facility are used in both diagnosis and treatment. For the clinical fields of neuromonitoring and traumatology, the medtech company provides highly accurate pressure measuring devices with microchip technology. In this way, RAUMEDIC plays a key role in the safe care of patients worldwide.


The world of polymers is facing great changes, so in 2019 the subsidiary Meraxis is founded as a one-stop shop for polymer raw materials, combining traditional Swiss quality with new digital approaches and the ambition to promote the circular economy. Plastics are extremely versatile materials and their proper use is vital to our future.