Warranty REHAU

REHAU guarantees, subject to the correct observance of the conditions for the guarantee, the correct construction of the profiles, their exact dimensions, the unaltered quality of the material in all deliveries and resistance to weather conditions and the influence of sunlight . The warranty period amounts to 10 years and applies to geographical areas with a maximum total radiation of 160 kcal/cm 2/per year.

Specifically for resistance to weather conditions, after an artificial test and in accordance with the RAL-GZ 716/1 control regulations, color change is acceptable up to level 4 of the GPI color change scale, according to DIN EN 20105-A03. Color changes caused by means or causes that are not included in the artificial weather tests in accordance with the quality and control regulations RAL-GZ 716/1 are excluded from the guarantee.

The warranty is provided by REHAU at its own discretion, either by repair or replacement, and assumes that the damage presented to the profile can be proven to be the result of its own fault. Additional claims, regardless of legal sources arising, do not exist.

Terms and conditions

A basic condition of this guarantee is compliance with the guidelines of each system:

  • System Processing Regulation.
  • Transport and Storage Specifications.
  • Specifications of Maximum Dimensions.
  • Reinforcement Specifications.
  • Glazing Specifications.
  • Installation Specifications.
  • Instructions for Repair, Cleaning, Maintenance and proper Ventilation of the space.


To ensure the above, REHAU certifies specific manufacturers worldwide as Authorized REHAU Partner (ARP). The ARP mark is carried by selected, specialized, future-oriented frame manufacturing companies that meet strict criteria. Rolloplast is of course one of these companies and its customers enjoy quality advantages and confidence.

  • Tested construction with regular quality checks guarantees a long service life and long-term functionality of the frames.
  • Continuous checks in the production process ensure perfect fit and a high quality level.
  • Exclusive systems, which you will only find at an authorized partner, give you an additional advantage, since they contribute to your differentiation.
  • Effective continuing education at the REHAU Academy, with final exams and with the awarding of certificates provide the assurance of excellent consulting support in subject areas such as energy efficiency, safety and comfort.