Corona Virus

The war against COVID-19

The new age unfortunately forces us to be especially wary of our micro-environment. Germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses are all around us and on us. Unfortunately, the constant mutations of these have made them highly resistant to drugs and vaccines.

A typical example of today is the corona virus, which has been known for many years now but a mutation of it at the end of 2019 made it particularly aggressive to humans and deadly. Although vaccines have been released that protect against COVID-19, its newer mutations are still invincible, making the need to reduce the virus’s transmissibility now imperative. Thus, the coronavirus has set new standards for our daily lives, but also for the way we now design our living and working spaces.


How would you feel if there was a way that would not allow bacteria to remain on the surface of your windows?



Since the beginning of the epidemic outbreak, we have ensured that all the windows we manufacture are supplied with special anti-microbial handles, at no cost to our customers. These handles are delivered in a sealed, separate package for each one with the special marking tape of their antimicrobial property. At the same time, the special mark is engraved on the handle itself:

Antimicrob Shield

The antimicrobial property of the handles is certified for the protection they provide against bacteria according to the ISO 22196 standard by IMSL – Industrial Microbiological Services LTD

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Antimicrob Shield NO
Antimicrob Shield YES

The frame of the windows, although the contact with it is not as frequent as the handle, also occupied us for the safety of the people who trust us. In February 2020, in the famous newspaper “The Journal of Hospital Infection”, a scientific test was published that aimed to study the durability of the coronavirus on various surfaces such as: aluminum, plastic, wood, glass and others. According to this, aluminum is the surface where the virus persists the least, with a “resistance” of 2-8 hours, while respectively plastic 2-6 days and wood 4 days.


Therefore, aluminum window frames have a very low virus resistance index, are safer than other materials against COVID-19 and, according to the measures indicated by the POY, do not have a significant effect on the transmission of the virus.


However, the performance of PVC, which maintains the viral load for up to 6 days, is worrying. REHAU provides the solution with HDF (High Definition Finishing) nano-technology. All REHAU synthetic profiles have special protection filters that incorporate silver ions and produce perfectly smooth surfaces, even at the molecular level. Thus they prevent the attachment of germs and destroy more than 99% of germs in just a few hours.


Antimicrobial Protection

The invisible ally against viruses and microbes

Antimicrobial protection is provided on the surface of the products with additives of special technology that allow coating with Silver ions. The antibacterial properties of Silver ions are well known and their presence on metal or other surfaces has been shown to dramatically slow the growth of bacterial or viral populations. The use of such technology allows the effective antimicrobial property of the product throughout its life, which now carries the ability to eliminate or inactivate all kinds of microbes, dramatically reducing infection transmission rates.

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