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As certified manufacturers and authorized partners of the German pioneer company REHAU in composites and the Greek companies ALUMINCO and ETEM in aluminum, we manufacture and offer you windows that add value to your home and your life. We manufacture high quality windows, 100% manufactured in Greece according to the strictest European quality and safety standards, with a 10-year written guarantee, CE safety marking and much more. Our vertically integrated production guarantees the final product, quality and low price. There really is no reason not to choose Rolloplast for the windows of your home.



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Whether we are talking about synthetic frames or aluminum frames, glazing plays an important role in their overall performance. The right and appropriate glasses for every occasion complement and complete your frames perfectly. At Rolloplast we have made sure to provide you with the right glazing you need for every occasion. French SAINT-GOBAIN energy glasses, with EPD Certification, in combination with thermal spacers, give new meaning to their basic characteristics and set new levels of thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety.

For something as seemingly simple as a glass in a frame, windows are as different as the architecture in each different area, the use for each different need in the space they will be installed in, and the level of burglary protection required for that specific location.


Thus, each window, whether uPVC or aluminum, is defined by its typology, that is, by the way in which it will open and close. Each window typology serves a different purpose and has its own particular hardware requirements.


At Rolloplast, with the multiple locks hardwares of the German leading companies G-U and ROTO, we offer you the right solution for each and every special situation. Aesthetically beautiful, high quality and above all easy to use solutions.


Invisible to the owner of a house, but of vital importance is the professional installation of windows. It must meet specific specifications and satisfy a number of technical requirements in order to avoid that they do not adversely affect each other. So the correct placement is divided into 3 stages and 3 levels.


Installation Stages

The fixing, apart from fixing the window in place, must ensure that the forces and stresses applied to the window are safely transferred to the structural elements of the masonry. The fastening is done exclusively mechanically and the contraction and expansion of the materials must be taken into account.

Insulation ensures heat and sound insulation by preventing heat and sound transfer. The insulating material must withstand time, the contractions and expansions of the materials it touches and must not create cracks in the sealing materials.

Waterproofing prevents water from entering the interior, while at the same time allowing the interior moisture to escape. Here the basic rule is: “Better waterproofing on the inside and thinner on the outside”.


Seal Levels

Inside-Outside Separation

The internal sealing layer must be completely airtight according to the strictest standards (EnEV). It has the role of separating the internal and external environment, thus preventing the creation of moisture in the area.


The central sealing layer ensures optimal thermal and sound insulation. The joint between the wall and the window frame must be completely filled with thermal insulation material. Additionally, at this level the window is fixed in place.

Weather protection

The outer layer of waterproofing is very special. It must be durable and prevent the ingress of water, while at the same time allowing the drainage of internal moisture condensate.


In our online store, you will find a wide variety of installation materials such as screws, polyurethane foams, silicones, grouts, etc. Buy now what you need!





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